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From research reports to mobilization campaigns, Food Bank’s advocacy work seeks to organize and engage community action as the key to winning the fight against hunger and poverty. Together we can drive policy improvements that will see our city free from hunger.

Tell Congress: Do NOT cut funding for expanded anti-hunger programs!

Congress is debating what to include in upcoming budget reconciliation legislation – called the Build Back Better Act – that could expand essential anti-hunger programs. But those programs are on the chopping block right now!

At a time when nearly 1 in 3 children face hunger in New York City, we need your help to tell Congress that budget legislation MUST prioritize our nation’s most important hunger-fighting programs.

Tell your lawmakers: Kids and families are counting on you. Cutting funding to expand programs like the Summer EBT grocery program, the Child Tax Credit, and free school meals for low income communities is NOT an option!

Join Food Bank For New York City urging your Members of Congress to support anti-poverty priorities in Build Back Better by sending a letter TODAY – thank you!