Celebrate Pride with these Social Media Ambassador Actions

Achieving true equity for the LGBTQ+ community is about fighting with everything we’ve got to make this world a safer and more affirming space – during Pride Month and all throughout the year! Join us to complete these special Social Media Ambassador actions to celebrate Pride and amplify resources for LGBTQ+ New Yorkers! 

Click here to download our Food Bank Pride graphic to use with your posts, and be sure to include the hashtag #FightOnFeedAll as well as #FoodBankAmbassador. 

  • Invite your followers to join Food Bank’s Pride Month Virtual Service Hour from 6-7pm EST on June 30th! 
  • LGBTQ+ New Yorkers face food insecurity at a disproportionate rate. Check out the statistics here and post one to raise awareness among your friends and followers. 
  • Take a selfie in your favorite pride colors and tag friends to do the same!  
  • Share a Food Bank post on the subject of Pride Month that speaks to you. 
  • Share a post from your favorite LGBTQ+ space or restaurant. 
  • Follow one of Food Bank’s member agencies that serves LGBTQ+ communities, such as Iris House on Facebook, GMHC on Twitter, Sage Advocacy and Services for LGBT Elders on Instagram, St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction on Facebook, and Safe Horizon on LinkedIn. 

Complete at least 5 of these actions and send screenshots to volunteer@foodbanknyc.org to earn 2 service hours. 

Amplify resources for New Yorkers facing food insecurity.

Boost Food Bank’s mission on social media.

Advocate by using your voice creatively and intentionally online.

Earn verifiable volunteer service hours.

Get Started

Food Bank’s Social Media Ambassador Program is a way for volunteers to amplify resources for New Yorkers facing food insecurity, boost Food Bank’s mission on social media, and advocate by using their voices creatively and intentionally online – all while earning volunteer service hours.

Food Bank For New York City is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting hunger in New York City. We are so glad that you want to join us in spreading the word about our work! To that end, please remember to be kind, friendly, and cordial when you are posting about our brand!

There is no sign-up, application, or orientation required!

1. Log in to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn accounts. You can use any or all of these platforms, and your accounts don’t need to be public or verified to participate.

2. Complete the actions listed below. You must complete at least 5 Actions to receive verifiable service hours. Be sure to use the hashtag #FoodBankAmbassador every time you post!

  • Follow Food Bank For New York City.
  • Introduce yourself as a Food Bank For New York City Social Media Ambassador with a link to foodbanknyc.org/ambassador in your post.
  • Comment on a post from one of Food Bank’s social media accounts.
  • Post a recipe or a picture of a meal that is special to you or your community.
  • Nearly 2 million New York City residents are food insecure – that’s almost one in four. Make a post to share this statistic.
  • Orange is the color of hunger awareness, so take a selfie in your flashiest orange gear! Tag three friends and challenge them to do the same.
  • Browse these facts and post one that surprises you. Encourage discussion with your followers.
  • Advocate for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by sharing why you support SNAP and tagging your government representatives.
  • Share a post from one of Food Bank’s social media accounts.
  • Post the Food Finder Map and help people find resources in their neighborhood. Explore Food Bank’s partner agencies throughout the five boroughs!

3. Email screenshots of your actions, including your username or handle, to volunteer@foodbanknyc.org. Don’t forget, each post must include #FoodBankAmbassador!

5 actions = 2 service hours
All 10 actions = 4 service hours

We are unable to give partial credit.

Check Back Here For Updates

This page will be updated regularly, so check back for more actions you can take as well as new resources you can share with your community! Questions? Email us at volunteer@foodbanknyc.org!