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Press Clippings

Following are highlights of media coverage concerning the Food Bank's ongoing work to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs. Included here are feature stories, Letters to the Editor, Op-Ed pieces and television, radio and Web coverage.

For more information, including copies of available articles, please contact Carol Schneider,  Associate Director, Media Relations. 

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Item: Jon Bon Jovi’s wife, Dorothea Bongiovi, was honored Wednesday at the Food Bank for New York City Can Do Awards Dinner.  NY Daily News, 4/11/2014

Rolling Out the Orange Carpet.  The Wall Street Journal, 4/10/2014

Food Bank's Tax Service Puts Money in the Hands of Those in Need.  The New York Times, 4/7/2014

Food Bank For New York City Holds Free Tax Prep Event in Brooklyn.  Brooklyn News, 4/4/2014

"Jon Bon Jovi’s wife, Dorothea Bongiovi, will be honored at Food Bank For NYC’s Can Do Awards Dinner Gala on Wednesday."  New York Daily News, 4/3/2014

Mario Batali Makes Dinner for Less than $1.40 Per Person.  ABC News, 4/3/2014


Time Out For Hunger – Eat At These 4 Fun Food Events This Weekend.  Gothamist, 3/27/2014

Calendar Listings for our Can Do Awards Dinner (April 9, 2014):   Gotham MagazineGuest of a GuestNY Daily News

Central Harlem Residents Line up at Food Pantry Just Steps from Upscale Restaurants, Food Shops.  NY Daily News, 3/17/2014

One In Five New York Residents Depend On Assistance In Order To Eat., 3/17/2014

Hunger Crisis: Charities are Strained as Nearly 1 in 5 New Yorkers Depend on Aid for Food.  NY Daily News, 3/16/2014

Legislative Breakfast to Address Hunger Issues on Staten Island., 3/11/2014

Uber App Now Supports NYC Charities.  Nonprofit Quarterly, 3/6/2014

Mike Posner Features Justin Bieber on Second Album (donating a meal for every album sold).  The Hollywood Reporter, 3/5/2014


Governors Move to Block Farm Bill's Food Stamp Cuts.  MSNBC, 2/27/2014

Food Charities that Really Make a Difference.  Huffington Post, 2/26/2014

Governor Cuomo Announces New York State Will Preserve $457 Million in Snap Benefits for 300,000 Households., 2/26/2014

NYC Food Bank in Albany.  WAMC, 2/26/2014

Want Free Financial Advice? A Growing Number of Low Income New Yorkers are Finding it at Tax Prep Centers.  New York Daily News, 2/24/2014

Demand for Food Grows in New York City After a Cut.  The Wall Street Journal, 2/17/2014

Anatomy of a Hunger Crisis.  MSNBC, 2/11/2014

The Farm Bill:  What's in it for Consumers?  Consumer Affairs, 2/11/2014

President Obama Signs Farm Bill that Cuts Food Stamps for New Yorkers.  NY Daily News, 2/8/2014

Part of the Farm Bill:  Cuts to Food Stamps.  The New York Times, 2/7/2014

SNAP:  A Bill's Passage Jeopardizes 70 Million Meals For The City's Hungry.  Jewish Week, 2/6/2014

Farm Bill Passes Congress with More Food Stamp Cuts., 2/4/2014

Lower Income Families Find Tax Relief From Volunteer Programs.  NY1, 2/4/2014

Food Pantries Are Bare as Winter Cold and SNAP Cuts Continue., 2/3/2014


DC Celebrates Itself for Letting Poor Americans Go Hungry., 1/31/2014

NYC Food Bank President Calls New Farm Bill 'Terrible'.  The Grio/MSNBC, 1/31/2014

MP on CNN 1-30-2014

Bracing for Food Stamp Cuts.  CNN, 1/30/2014

Volunteers Decorate Cupcakes with SE Queens Elderly for MLK Day.  Times Ledger, 1/29/2014

Americans Could Lose More Food Stamps.  CNN, 1/25/2014

Nearly Half of NYC Food Banks Ran Out of Supplies After SNAP Benefits Were Cut: Report.  Huffington Post, 1/24/2014

A Food Bank For New York City Survey Reveals that Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen Lines are Getting Longer.  NY Daily News, 1/24/2014

Food Stamp Allocations Should Take Into Account Where You Live.  RH Reality Check, 1/24/2014

More Cuts to SNAP Are Coming, and Food Banks Can't Cope.  Take Part, 1/24/2014

Food Banks Are Running Out of Food.  Slate, 1/23/2014

More New Yorkers Face Hunger After Congress Cuts Food Stamps.  Gothamist, 1/23/2014

New York City Pantries Ran Out of Food After Food Stamps Were Cut., 1/23/2014

De Blasio Must Tell Congress to Strengthen Food Stamps.  AM New York, 1/22/2014

After Feds Cut Food Stamps, City Pantries Go Empty.  Crain's New York Business, 1/22/2014

More New Yorkers Turning to Food Pantries.  WNYC, 1/22/2014

NYC Food Bank Use Skyrockets Following SNAP Cuts, Report Says.  CBS New York, 1/22/2014

NYC Food Network:  Not Enough to Go Around.  The Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2014

City Food Banks Feel Weight of Funding Cut.  AM New York, 1/22/2014

Food Banks Anticipate Impact of Cuts to Food Stamps.  The New York Times, 1/21/2014

Photos: Helping Out on MLK Day.  Times Union, 1/21/2014

NYC Mayor: Economic Equality 'Can't Wait'.  WFUV, 1/20/2014

The Mayor's Visit to the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry in West Harlem., 1/20/2014

Martin Luther King Would Be For Universal Pre-K, Halt of Stop-and-Frisk: De Blasio.  NY Daily News, 1/20/2014

Seeking Ways to Help the Poor and Childless.  The New York Times, 1/14/2014



Food Banks Prepare for Unemployed.  CNN, 12/29/2013

New Yorkers of the Year:  Food Bank For NYC Takes Fresh Approach as Demand Grows.  NY1, 12/27/2013

MP on CNN Money 12-2013

Longer Lines at New York Food Banks.  CNN, 12/23/2013

Up Close with Diana Williams.  WABC-TV New York, 12/15/2013

Bright Ideas: These Savings will Fund Community Health Centers.  12/15/2013

13 Celebrities on the Charities Closest to Their Hearts., 12/2013

Feeding New Yorkers With Maximum Efficiency.  Wall Street Journal, 12/13/2013

Kyra Sedgwick Burns Calories for a Good Cause by Hosting Flywheel's Holiday Ride.  RYOT News, 12/12/2013

New York Viewpoint: Toyota and Food Bank For NYC.  WABC-TV New York, 12/11/2013

How to Give Back By Tweeting, Shopping & Celebrating.  Gotham Magazine, 12/11/2013

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick at Food Bank's Community Kitchen, Thanksgiving 2013

The War on the Poor – All In with Chris Hayes.  MSNBC, 12/10/2013

5 Reasons Cash, Not Cans, Helps the Hungry., 12/4/2013

Bank of America and Bryant Park Support New York Families in Need Through Cherished Holiday Event.  EIN News, 12/2/2013

Another Reason Charity is Good for Your Health.  Huffington Post, 12/2/2013


Finding Comfort and Food on Lines.  (Featuring photos from around Food Bank's member network by Joey O'Laughlin.)  The New York Times, 11/27/2013

Demand as much as doubles at NY food pantries.  Crain's New York Business, 11/27/2013

Kevin Bacon Joins Celebrity Chefs at Thanksgiving Food Bank.  Food World News, 11/27/2013

A Warm Meal, a Helping Hand.  Manhattan Times, 11/27/2013

Rich Homie Quan Serves Thanksgiving Dinner At NYC Food Bank., 11/27/2013

Food Stamp Cuts, Holidays Stress Food Banks.  USA Today, 11/26/2013

Lots of Turkey, Food Giveaways this Thanksgiving in New York City., 11/26/2013

Ed Reed ready to face Mike Wallace when NY Jets take on Dolphins: Reed spoke while helping to give out food in West Harlem with Food Bank for New York City.  NY Daily News, 11/26/2013

Brooklyn Pantry Struggling to Help Fill Gap Left by Federal Cuts to Food Stamps.  The New York Times, 11/25/2013

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Prepare 1,000 ‘Thanksgiving To-Go Meals'., 11/25/2013

Vanities, and Hungry New Yorkers.  The New York Times, 11/21/2013

The Math of Thanksgiving on Food Stamps.  US News and World Report, 11/21/2013

Toyota Gears Up Efficiency at Soup Kitchen.  NBC Nightly News, 11/13/2013

NYC Food Bank Head:  40% of Veterans Need Food Assistance.  WCBS New York, 11/10/2013

New Yorkers Must Join Forces with Mayor-Elect de Blasio to Stamp Out Hunger and Poverty in the City.  NY Daily News, 11/10/2013

Hunger Grows in a Snap.  NYCity NewsService, 11/9/2013

Cut to Food Stamp Benefits Hitting New Yorkers.  WCBS New York, 11/8/2013

47M Americans Hit by Food Stamp Cuts Starting Today.  USA Today, 11/4/2013

City Educators Get Lesson in Healthy Eating.  NY1, 11/2/2013

Slashing the Food Stamps Program.  The New York Times, 11/1/2013

The Austerity Agenda Strikes Again.  All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 11/1/2013

Hunger Cliff.  WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show, 11/1/2013

US Emergency Food Providers Brace as $5bn Food Stamp Cuts Set in.  The Guardian, 11/1/2013

Food Stamp Recipients See Cuts.  CNN, 11/1/2013

'Our Members are Panicking':  Families Brace as Billions in Food Stamp Cuts Kick in., 11/1/2013


47M+ Brace for Food Stamp Program Cuts.  CNN, 10/31/2013

Food Stamp Cuts' $10B Effect Doesn't Tell the Whole Story.  CNBC, 10/31/2013

New Yorkers Brace to Lose $36 in Food Stamps Each Month.  New York Daily News, 10/31/2013

Millions on Food Stamps Facing Benefits Cuts., 10/31/2013

America's New Hunger Crisis.  MSNBC, 10/30/2013 (See also:  One Family, Trying to Keep Food on the Table.)

Food Stamp Cuts will Swamp Food-Relief Programs.  Crain's, 10/30/2013

The Poor Take Another Hit.  MSNBC, 10/30/2013

"Riots Always Begin Typically the Same Way":  Food Stamp Shutdown Looms Friday., 10/28/2013

Fresh Cuts in the Food Stamp Program will Make Life Worse for New York's Hungry.  New York Daily News, 10/27/2013

In Boehner’s backyard: A ‘perfect storm’ for hunger.  MSNBC, 10/8/2013

Mobile Couch: Gourmet Rice Krispy Treats From Treat House On UWS.  CBS New York, 10/1/2013


Time Short, House Says It Seeks a New Farm Bill.  The New York Times, 9/24/2013

NYC Dumpling Festival and 10th Annual Dumpling Eating Contest Announced., 9/23/2013

House Republicans' vote to cut $40 billion from the food stamp program was 'heartless'.  New York Daily News, 9/22/2013

Census Shows NYC’s Median Household Income At $50,895.  Yeshiva World News, 9/22/2013

The real outrage.  Idaho Mountain Express, 9/20/2013

Census shows NYC poverty rate up, inequality high.  The Wall Street Journal, 9/19/2013

Food Bank: Go Orange.  Super Chef, 9/19/2012

Anti-Hunger Advocates Put Pressure on Lawmakers Over Food Stamp Bill.  The New York Times, 9/18/2013

Charities Decry Food-Stamps Cuts as House Vote Looms.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 9/16/2013

The Difference Between the Numbers and the Effects of Cutting Food Stamp Funding.  Atlantic Wire, 9/16/2013

Get Involved:  Fight Hunger in NYC.  AM New York, 9/11/2013

The squeeze: House GOP might double food stamp cuts.  MSNBC, 9/10/2013

September Star Shots (Katie Lee Joel at Food Bank For New York City Ad Campaign & Photo Exhibit unveiling).  Star Magazine, 9/1/2013


In Lieu of Money, Toyota Donates Efficiency to New York Charity.  New York Times, 7/26/2013

Cronuts Fighting Hunger?  Creator Dominique Ansel Wants To Use Success To Give Back.  Huffington Post, 7/10/13

The 'Change One Thing Truck,' filled with healthy snack choices, will be on Staten Island on Friday.  SI Live, 7/10/13

Food Bank For NYC takes healthy eating on the road.  Brooklyn Spectator, 7/9/13

Flavor Factory (OddFellows Ice Cream Co. donates 5¢ of every serving to Food Bank).  Brooklyn Daily, 7/2/13


Food Bank Fights Food Stamp Cuts.  Crain's, 6/12/13


Scott Stanford talks to President and CEO of Food Bank for New York City Margarette Purvis about the latest cut backs on food stamps and what this means for our community.  NBC New York, 5/17/13

Food Bank for NYC Raises $2 Million at "Can Do" Awards Dinner, New York Nonprofit Press, 5/2/13

Food Bank for New York City's 30th Anniversary Can Do Awards,, 5/2/13

Last Night's Parties,, 5/2/13

Jon Bon Jovi Performs At The Food Bank For NYC's Can Do Awards!!,, 5/2/13

What We’re Reading, New York Times Diner's Journal, 5/2/13

Jon Bon Jovi Rocks Food Bank For New York City's Can Do Awards,, 5/2/13

Chelsea Clinton Owes Everything to Mario Batali, Grub Street New York, 5/2/13

Bill and Hillary Clinton met Chelsea’s husband at Mario Batali's Babbo, New York Post, 5/2/13

Mario Batali and Mariska Hartigay at the 30th Annual Can Do Awards, InStyle, 5/1/13

Food Bank Gala with Bon Jovi Raises $2 Million, Wall Street Journal Blogs, 5/1/13

Livin' on a Prayer, Fashion Week Daily, 5/1/13


Model Selita Ebanks Reveals her Tough Childhood, ABC News Blogs, 4/30/13

Fortifying the Food Bank for NYC, Crain's New York Business, 4/28/13

Albor Ruiz: The city’s hunger crisis stands to worsen as funding cuts to the food stamp program loom, NY Daily News, 4/28/13


Hunger In New York: One City, Two Realities, Amsterdam News, 2/7/13


1 in 3 New Yorkers Having a Harder Time Affording Food, amNY, 1/15/13

Hunger a Growing Problem for Some New Yorkers, Crain’s New York Business, 1/15/13

Many Low Income New Yorkers Are Being Confronted with Starvation, Examiner, 1/15/13

NYC Hunger Experience 2012: One City, Two Realities. New York Nonprofit Press, 1/15/13

The Food Bank Releases a Report Showing the Struggle Many People Have to Afford Food, WBAI, 1/15/13

City Food Banks Still Recovering From Sandy, The Wall Street Journal, 1/15/13

The Growing Gap Between Low-income New Yorkers and City's More Prosperous Residents is Forcing Many to Skimp on Food, New York Daily News, 1/16/13

New York City Food Banks Still Recovering From Superstorm Sandy, Philanthropy News Digest, 1/27/13



Food Bank For New York City Founder Kathy Goldman Honored as White House “Food Security Champion of Change”, 9/6/2012

"Believe It or Not, You Need Food Stamps" Huffington Post, 6/5/12  

“The Farm Bill Should Protect Hungry Kids, Not Subsidies for Insurance Companies” Huffington Post, 6/6/12

“Staten Island Hunger Task Force taking steps to combat the growing crisis” SI Live, 6/14/12


"Mario Batali on food stamps" Crains New York, 5/11/12

"NYC's Batali and LaFrieda Step Up for Food Stamps" Daily Blender, 5/14/12

“Mario Batali Food Stamp Challenge: Chef Spending $31 On Food For One Week” Huffington Post, 5/14/12

"Mario Batali’s Food Stamp Challenge” ABC News, 5/15/12

“Food Bank Kicks Off Food Stamp Challenge” NY Daily News, 5/16/12

“Mission Chinese Set To Open Next Week” Zagat, 5/18/12

“Mission Chinese Food Arrives Next Week” NY Times, 5/18

“Mission Chinese Food Opens NYC Outpost Tuesday” Grubstreet, 5/18/12


"Food Pantries Swell at Passover”  The Jewish Daily Forward, 4/5/12

“Sites Across City Allow NYers to File Taxes For Free” NY1, 4/5/12

“Fighting Hunger For Over 25 Years” Wall Street Journal, 4/16/12

“2 In The Kitchen: Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes” CBS, 4/17/12

“Stars Get Charitable at Can-Do Awards” Yahoo, 4/18/12

“Celebrities Attend 2012 Can Do Awards Dinner” Celbuzz, 4/18/12

“Last Night’s Parties: Dakota Fanning At The Tribeca Film Festival Vanity Fair Party, And Jon Hamm At The Can-Do Awards” Guest of a Guest, 4/18/12


“East Village Kids Get Recipe for Healthy Cooking Skills” DNAinfo, 3/1/12

 “All U.S. residents must file tax returns” NY Daily News, 3/2/12

 "Met Council and Food Bank For New York City Launch Virtual Food Drive to Help Provide Two Million Pounds of Kosher Food this Passover" The Jewish Voice, 3/21/12 

 “Virtual Drive fights hunger in Passover” Brooklyn Downtown Star, 3/22/12

 “Bronx Notes: Free Tax Prep Help in the Bronx” Norwood News, 3/23/12

 “Food Bank for New York City launches Passover virtual food drive” New York nonprofit press, 3/26/12

 “Online Food Bank Donates Kosher Items for Passover” NYConvergence, 3/26/12


“The Food Bank For New York City’s CookShop program on the ‘Move!’ in battle against obesity”  New York Daily News, February 19, 2012

 “A Smorgasbord of Benefits,” The New York Times, February 14, 2012

 “Mario Batali’s Pang Charity Sandwich” FOOD & WINE, February 10, 2012  


 “Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tells City Crowd He Wants to End Fingerprinting for Food Stamps” The Village Voice, January 20, 2012

 "A few hours can mean a lot”  National Catholic Reporter, January 20, 2012

  “Improving the City With Vigilance for All,” New York Times, City Room blog, January 12, 2012

 “Nearly 3 Million New Yorkers With College Degrees Can Barely Afford Food” The Business Insider, January 12, 2012

 “Food Bank Annual Report Shatters Stereotype of New Yorkers Affected By Hunger”  New York Daily News, January 11,2012

 “Difficulty Affording Food Rises Among College Educated and Middle Class” AM New York, January 11, 2012

 “More College-Educated New Yorkers Struggling to Afford Food, Study Says” DNAinfo, January 11, 2012

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