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Press Clippings 2007

Browse highlights from the Food Bank's 2007 media coverage. For more information, including copies of available articles, please contact Carol Schneider, Media Relations Manager.

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"Buy Elton's Gnomes," New York Post, December 2, 2007

"Food Shortage," WCBS Sunday Morning, December 2, 2007

"Lunchbox by the Stars," New York Times, December 5, 2007

"Let's Do Lunch," Time Out New York, December 6–12, 2007

"Celebrities say let's do lunchboxes," Daily News "Rush & Molloy," December 5, 2007

"R.E.M. again?," Page Six, December 16, 2007

"Kevin Bacon at the Food Bank Warehouse," CNN American Morning, December 17, 2007

"Hunger Safety Net 2007," WNBC News Channel 4 at 6pm, December 24, 2007


"Standard of giving," Time Out New York, November 28, 2007

"Celebs Do Lunch...Boxes," Crain's New York Business, November 26–December 2, 2007

"Ranks of Hungry Swell by 20% as 1 in 6 Faces Threat," Daily News, November 25, 2007

"Food Bank Launches Program to Help Feed Hungry During Holidays," NY1 News All Day, November 23, 2007

"Man Gulps Down Feast to Support Hungry," AP Wire Service, November 21, 2007

"Supplies fall short at soup kitchens causing lean times this Thanksgiving," Daily News, November 21, 2007

"Hunger Study Finds More New Yorkers Heading To Soup Kitchens," NY1 New York Tonight, November 20, 2007

"Food Shortages," National Public Radio Marketplace, November 19, 2007

"Thanksgiving Turkey for the Hungry Arrive at City Hall," NY1 News All Day, November 14, 2007

"Food Bank Launches Program to Help Feed Hungry During Holidays," NY1 News All Day, November 14, 2007

"Food Shortage," WABC Eyewitness News, November 7, 2007

"Let's Do Lunch," People, November 5, 2007


"They're smart, they've got jobs & they're hungry," Daily News, October 21, 2007

"Go Orange," NY1 Inside City Hall, October 21, 2007

"Food Bank closes NYSE," Bloomberg, October 23, 2007

"One Pianist, One Orchestra, No Conductor," New York Times, October 25, 2007

"The 8:01 for Schumann Is Now Ready for Boarding," New York Times, October 18, 2007

"Distressing Trends for Food Banks: More Clients, Fewer Supplies," New York Times, October 18, 2007

"Grand Site For Pianist," New York Post, October 15, 2007

"Hotsnack: go orange,", October 15, 2007

"Food Bank asks you to go orange for hunger," amNewYork, October 15, 2007

"World's richest city has problem — 2 million hungry," Daily News, October 14, 2007

"Will Play For Food," New York Times, October 6, 2007


"A Withered Harvest in the Bronx," New York Times, September 20, 2007


"Dog's life for masses of poor," Daily News, August 30, 2007

"Food Bank For New York City Acquires Food Change," New York Nonprofit Press, August 22, 2007

"At Deadline: The Food Bank For New York City," Crain's New York Buisness, August 20, 2007

"Uncompromising Positions," Time Out New York, August 2–8, 2007


"News of the neighborhoods," Queens Gazette, July 25, 2007

"The Season Was Short, The Sounds Were Strong," New York Times, July 18, 2007


"Mighty Quinn," Daily News, June 28, 2007

"Our City of Wealth and Power," Daily News, June 7, 2007

"Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation," New York Restaurant Insider, June,2007

"The Week in Rock," Rolling Stone Magazine, May 31, 2007


"The A-List Edge," OK! Weekly Magazine, May 14, 2007

"Food Bank For New York City's Annual 'Can-Do' Awards Dinner Honoring The Edge and Jimmy Fallon," New York Magazine, May 7, 2007

"Food Bank Brings Clinton, The Edge, Fallon together," Billboard, May 5, 2007

"The Food Bank For New York City's Annual 'Can-Do Awards' Gala Dinner," New York Restaurant Insider, May, 2007


"partysnack: gala paparazzi,", April 27, 2007

"Fallon sings for food: Actor honored for his charity commitment," Variety Online, April 25, 2007

"Bill Clinton's trip to The Edge and more," Entertainment Weekly Online, April 25, 2007

"Clinton Does Food Bank For New York," Radar Online, April 24, 2007

"partysnack: can-do awards 2007,", April 24, 2007

"The NYC Food Bank Can-Do Awards," Instyle Online, April 24, 2007

"Open Market BackPack Opening at Cafe Cielo," WCBS, April 10, 2007

"New Program to Address Childhood Hunger in New York," NY1 News All Morning at 9am, April 10, 2007


"Chefography: Mario Batali," Food Network, March 22, 23 & 25, 2007

"Time Out For Hunger," CW11 Morning News at 5am, March 2, 2007

"Food Cause," Time Out New York, March 1–7, 2007


"Eat Out to Help the Hungry in the City," amNewYork, February 8, 2007

"Wine and Dine with Friends and Family on March 4th...," New York Restaurant Insider, February, 2007


"Seeking to Help Those Without Enough Food," The New York Times, January 30, 2007

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