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Food Bank For New York City

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Message to Food Bank Employees

Good Morning Food Bankers!

I hope this message finds you well. For those who have been affected by the storm, know that we have been thinking of you. Please let us know how we can help!

As you know, the Community Kitchen and Bronx warehouse operations were up and running last week. 39 Broadway was without power and was therefore closed. Beginning tomorrow, all FBNYC locations will be open including our 39 Broadway administrative office, now that power has been restored and mass transit is nearly 100% operational. Staff is expected to report to your respective locations. Please discuss individual circumstances that may prohibit you from reporting to work with your supervisor.

A few important things to note:

  • Phone service at 39 Broadway and the Bronx warehouse is still down. We are able to accept incoming voicemails through our main line. The main greeting has been updated to let callers know what we are experiencing. Staff must check voicemail throughout the day. A number of cell phones will be made available to 39 Bway staff to check and respond to messages. The Bronx warehouse staff will continue to operate with the cell phones distributed last week. Phone service at the Community Kitchen is fully operational.
  • There is email and Internet access at all three locations. However, it is imperative that we not place a huge strain on our systems. In order to maintain access to these systems, we ask that staff adhere to the following:
  • When using the Internet, do not stream any media or download large files.
  • When using email, do not include attachments unless necessary.
Resources available by site:

39 Broadway

  • Webmail
  • InternetArsystem
  • Cookshop System
  • Local Files

Warehouse/Bronx office

  • Internet
  • Webmail
  • Online Order System
  • Accounting files
  • Local files

Community Kitchen

  • Internet
  • Webmail
  • Phone
  • Local files

39 Bway building management has informed us that the heat has not yet been turned on. We ask that you dress warmly and in layers. When the heat is finally turned on, it will take some time for the temperature to adjust.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment thus far! Despite some of the challenges, we expect to be in a better place as the week progresses. We will continue to serve our neighbors across the city - they need us now more than ever. Our mission and core values will not and cannot be beat by this storm!


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