Food Bank’s 24th Annual CookShop Training Conference Brings Together Over 750 NYC Public School Teachers

Food Bank For New York City’s 24th annual CookShop Training Conference brought together over 750 New York City public school teachers and staff from all five boroughs for hands-on training. CookShop, the centerpiece nutrition education program of Food Bank For New York City, empowers children and families living in low-income communities that lack access to healthy food, with information and tools to fight childhood hunger, obesity and diet-related diseases.

Using a train-the-trainer approach, CookShop provides children and their families with hands-on, educational workshops geared toward adopting and enjoying a healthy diet and active lifestyle on a limited budget. Reaching over 52,000 New Yorkers each year, CookShop is the largest provider of nutrition education in New York City’s public schools.

The CookShop curricula is aligned with MyPlate, the USDA’s nutrition guide that provides recommendations for building healthy eating patterns. The program features curricula for each grade level, providing schools with the ability to cultivate school wellness and the opportunity for students to build upon their nutrition knowledge year after year.

Thank you to the dedicated teachers, parent coordinators and school staff who work with us in empowering low-income families to lead healthy, active lifestyles!