Food Bank For New York City Applauds Congress Vote to Pass 2018 Farm Bill

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Statement from Food Bank For New York City President & CEO Margarette Purvis:

Our nation’s response to hunger is built on the cornerstones of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). SNAP provides assistance for low income people to buy food at grocery stores and farmer’s markets, while TEFAP supplies the emergency food network with nutritious food distributed at soup kitchens and food pantries. Each day, our network of emergency food providers across the five boroughs sees the importance of SNAP and TEFAP which work in tandem to ensure that our neighbors have access to essential nutrition for survival.

After months of negotiations, we applaud the U.S. Congress for rejecting proposals that would have made more people in our country hungry. The 2018 Farm Bill protects and preserves SNAP for nearly 39 million people in America, including seniors, children, veterans, and families. In New York City alone, 1.6 million people rely on SNAP. At the same time the bill invests in TEFAP which gives critical support to food banks by providing nutritious foods to distribute to families in need, including individuals who do not qualify for SNAP assistance.

The 2018 Farm Bill is the foundation for Food Bank For New York City to continue to serve the 1.4 million New Yorkers who rely on the emergency food network. Fighting hunger in our City and across the country will require continued work to ensure that communities have access to needed benefits and that the emergency food network is fortified with resources to serve as the last line of defense against hunger.

We thank our many supporters who raised their voice to ensure elected officials understood the desires of concerned New Yorkers. We urge the President to sign the 2018 Farm Bill.




About Food Bank For New York City:

Food Bank For New York City has been the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end hunger throughout the five boroughs for 35 years. Nearly one in five New Yorkers relies on Food Bank for food and other resources. Food Bank takes a strategic, multifaceted approach that provides meals and builds capacity in the neediest communities, while raising awareness and engagement among all New Yorkers. Through its network of more than 1,000 charities and schools citywide, Food Bank provides food for more than 62.5 million free meals for New Yorkers in need. Food Bank For New York City’s income support services, including food stamps (also known as SNAP) and free tax assistance for the working poor, put more than $150 million each year into the pockets of New Yorkers, helping them to afford food and achieve greater dignity and independence. In addition, Food Bank’s nutrition education programs and services empower more than 50,000 children, teens and adults to sustain a healthy diet on a low budget. To learn more about how you can help, please visit Follow us on Facebook (FoodBank4NYC), Twitter (@FoodBank4NYC) and Instagram (FoodBank4NYC).