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Food Bank For New York City

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Anti-Hunger Policy Platform

Help make sure the proposals of the Anti-Hunger Policy Platform are taken into consideration by New York City and State governments — sign on to show your support today as an organization or an individual! There are currently more than 100 organizations and individuals signed on in support of the Anti-Hunger Policy Platform.

Learn about the platform's proposals:

Noting that close to one in five New Yorkers is living below the federal poverty level, and more than 1.2 million New Yorkers rely on emergency food, the platform's proposals are designed to:

  • in the near term, address more than five years of cuts in government funding for emergency food services, by securing multi-year increases in city, state and federal emergency food funding;
  • address obstacles to full participation of eligible New Yorkers in government nutrition programs, such as the federal Food Stamp Program, by streamlining the processes of, enhancing coordination among and supporting increased access to government nutrition programs to maximize enrollment;
  • in the long term, address the lack of permanent and local access to affordable, nutritious food in low-income communities with new City and State initiatives to expand and fund farmers markets and local grocery stores;
  • and to ensure coordination of all services and policy relating to food, hunger and nutrition issues by creating City and State Offices of Food, Hunger and Nutrition Policy.

*In November 2006, Mayor Bloomberg announced the creation of a Food Policy Coordinator to oversee food, hunger and nutrition issues in the city.

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