Hunger Is a Women’s Issue

Hunger is a women’s issue, and Food Bank is proud to connect leaders in the anti-hunger space and women’s advocates to move solutions forward.

Food Bank For New York City held a breakfast and panel discussion, presented in partnership with Bank of America, including Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO of FEED, Kerry Sullivan, President of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Gail Monroe Perry of the Greater NY Chapter of the Links, Food Bank President and CEO Margarette Purvis, and moderated by Emily Chong, Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships at NationSwell.

Because women are hit harder by hunger, champions of women’s issues are taking the lead in the anti-hunger field.  Panelists emphasized that, because low wages are a major contributor to poverty, income inequality along gender lines is a major factor in women’s hunger.  Women living in poverty often find themselves forced to choose between food and other basic necessities.  Increasingly, women are the heads of households, shouldering the burden of child care, education, and transportation costs.

For all of these reasons, those passionate about justice for women are well positioned and energized to end hunger.  Though the issues surrounding hunger are complex, simply getting involved and doing what you can right now makes a huge difference.  Thanks to all of the participants in today’s event for stepping up to the plate and doing just that.