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Food Bank For New York City

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Food Company Donations

The Food Bank serves as a solution provider for your company by accepting food donations that can lead to cost savings, tax benefits and media exposure, while protecting your company from liability. Our food industry partners can also help New Yorkers in need through nonfood donations.

We urge you to join your peers in donating food and nonfood products to the Food Bank. To make a food donation or take a tour of our warehouse, contact Leigh Lagrosa, Food Sourcing Liason. For other ways to give to the Food Bank, see our partnering page for organizations.

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Why Donate Food
Donating food makes good business sense. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • TAX DEDUCTION: The 1976 Federal Tax Law (H.R. 10612) permits you to deduct all of the costs of producing, packaging and delivering your products — plus up to 50 percent of the difference between the cost and the fair market value.
  • COST SAVINGS: In salvaging food and other products, your company eliminates dumping costs.
  • INVENTORY CONTROL: A food donation can help reduce your surplus of hard-to-move inventory, and inventory that can be eaten but not sold.
  • COMPANY PROMOTION: The Food Bank promotes our food donors through a variety of communications and marketing materials, from our newsletters and website to event signage and press outreach.
  • ADDED VALUE: By working with the Food Bank on a matching product donation, you can double or even triple the value of your donation.
  • COMMUNITY GOODWILL: Your support and goodwill will win you the respect of the community.
  • PROUD STAFF: Employees feel good about their company's role in making a difference in the community.

How to Donate Food
Making a food donation to the Food Bank is time and cost efficient:

  • EASY CONTACT: Contact Leigh Lagrosa, Food Sourcing Liaison, 636-256-5099
  • IMMEDIATE FOOD PICKUP: The Food Bank's fleet of trucks are on hand to pick up your donation anywhere in New York City.
  • STREAMLINED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Your food donation will be stored in our state-of-the, art 90,000-square-foot warehouse using our scannable bar coding system.
  • EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION: Your donation will be quickly distributed to needy people through our member programs, which are monitored to ensure that donated product does not reenter the marketplace.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Your donation will be tracked, documented and receipted.
  • LEGAL PROTECTION: Your company is protected from liability by the Good Samaritan Act.

What to Donate
The Food Bank accepts anything from cases to truckloads of dry-stored, nonperishable or frozen food and nonfood items. Call the Food Bank if your products are:

  • Surplus
  • Cosmetically damaged
  • Mislabeled or unlabeled
  • Code-dated
  • Discontinued, test-market and private-label brands
  • Under- or overweight items
  • Seasonally packaged

Annual Events & Campaigns
Food Bank For New York City has a variety of annual events and campaigns that your organization can participate in to support our efforts to fight food poverty throughout the five boroughs.

If you are interested in participating in one of the below events or campaigns, contact Debbie Kellogg, Director, Business Partnerships. Learn more about our events and campaigns.

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