Margarette Purvis


Food Bank For New York City Liberty Partners are special leaders in the fight to end hunger in our community by supporting the Food Bank with gifts totaling $1,000 or more annually. Your generosity will help us provide over 1.2 million meals a week to hungry New Yorkers across the five boroughs. By becoming a Liberty Partner, you will make a tremendous impact in helping to give our hungry neighbors food for today and hope for tomorrow.


  • Complimentary tickets to our exclusive Toast & Jam donor-recognition party, typically held at the James Beard House
  • Invitations to culinary, social and informational events sponsored by Food Bank and its partners
  • Tours of Food Bank's warehouse in the Bronx, our Community Kitchen and Food Pantry in Harlem and network agency programs
  • Priority access to individual and group volunteering events
  • Listing in our Annual Report and recognition on our Virtual Donor Wall (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
  • Insider updates from Food Bank President and CEO, Margarette Purvis


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