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Our Partner: Fish's Eddy

by Ashley Goforth

Throughout the year, the Food Bank For New York City partners with businesses and organizations to spread the word about ending hunger. And, when we recently partnered with Fishs Eddy for a new Food Bank–-inspired line of dishes, I was thrilled -- I am, unapologetically, a fan. I squeal with delight when a Fishs Eddy signature dish arrives at my table when dining at a restaurant because they are quirky, fun and scream “Play with your food.” How would people say when Fishs Eddy announced they wanted to create a line of dishware for the Food Bank and donate 5 percent of the proceeds from sales to support hunger relief? Yes please, I’ll take 5 of each!! (Why 5? Why not? $1 donated to the Food Bank equals 5 meals and that’s a good enough reason to buy more than one of anything.)

I discovered Fishs Eddy the day I learned to “walk” in NYC. I’m a transplant from the South, we don’t stride the way New Yorkers do, we meander. I did not first understand this NYC “walking” style. There’s a certain glide New Yorkers have -- where two steps can get you clear across a crowded subway platform. It screams “Hey! I’m walkin’ here!” If I was going to “make it” here, a friend enlightened, I needed to glide. I took my first steps with this new sense of purpose right into an NYC institution, Fishs Eddy. So much of their designs celebrate NYC life and the icons that remind us why this city is so amazing. The products are practical, yet elegant -- like New York City itself.

The line Fishs Eddy created to support the Food Bank’s efforts to fight hunger is a natural extension of their family of New York–-inspired designs. The new line features orange polka dot bowls, retro storage containers, a set of four sauce dishes and more.. That means for every bowl, t-shirt, magnet and coaster you purchase from the line, we will be able to provide services to the 1.3 million New Yorkers who rely on the Food Bank and our network.

We are giving our Twitter community a chance to win some of these new Fishs Eddy products through a series of drawings. Each day this week, we are posting a “daily tweet” and asking you to re-tweet our message.You will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a piece from the collection. We’ll be giving away a different prize each day. If you don’t follow us on Twitter- now’s a good time to start: @foodbank4nyc.

Somehow I think the food you eat from these bowls and the coffee you sip from the orange striped mug will taste a bit richer when you know that your purchase helped us do what we can to provide solutions on all fronts and end hunger in New York City. You can check out the line online or you can glide into their store at 889 Broadway to see the dishes for yourself.

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