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Happy Purim!

Purim this year is Sunday, February 28. In the Bible, The Book of Esther tells a fantastical story about a Jewish girl whose grace won the beauty contest to be the new queen. Her charm also helped save the Jewish people throughout the Persian Empire from an evil minister named Haman (Boooo!!!).

Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai then deliver the message that the only way to really be happy is if everyone in society is happy. This was true when a minority in the kingdom was being oppressed; it is also true when there is hunger in the community.

They declared that the holiday is celebrated by 1) giving charity to two people (enough money to buy a nice meal), 2) giving a food basket to a friend, 3) having a festive meal and 4) retelling the story. So please use the SHARE button below to Digg, tweet or use any social media to share this post, have a Happy Purim and please donate here.

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