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NYC & EATWISE Pledge to Change One Thing

by Daniel Buckley

In July, the Food Bank launched the “Change One Thing” ad campaign, aimed at encouraging healthy eating among our city’s teens. While cheap, fast junk food seems to be everywhere, there is a common perception that eating healthy requires a wholesale lifestyle change.

Our ads promote the idea that you can lead a healthier life by Changing One Thing. Craving soda? Try water today. Skip those mini doughnuts this time and grab that orange! The Food Bank is also asking all New Yorkers to take our Change One Thing pledge – and help us move toward a healthier New York.

Our summer EATWISE students are taking the lead – read what they are pledging to change in their diets below. Great ideas!

Farhat Ludi
“One thing I can change is to avoid fast food and eat healthy food every day. Also I can do more exercise to be healthy in myself.”

Hajera Ahmed
“One thing that I could change is to stop getting fatty foods out. Now I am trying to eat health food. I think I’m changing.”

Solveig Nolasco
“I should eat more vegetables and less meat a day.”

Jean Tony
“One thing I changed was to stop eating McDonald’s.”

Asuka Li
“Change: eat more vegetables, less rice and meat. Change: run for at least 20 min every day.”

Tyree W.
“One healthy change I’ve made recently is drinking about 80 oz of water every day.”

Leroy Walker
“I could stop eating junk food every day and eat fruit every day.”

“One thing I can change about my diet is consuming more water instead of juice and soda. One change I have already made is changing my portion size.”

Don Snyder
“Shop at the green markets.”

“Stop drinking soda. Stop eating candy. Eat more breakfast.”

Celin Concepcion
“One thing that I could change in my diet is that whenever I go to the kitchen and get a snack I should get a fruit or vegetable, instead of donuts or chips and soda.”

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