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What My Mother Did For Me: From Our CEO

Dear Friends,

One of the drivers that has kept me going throughout my life and career has been the fear of being poor. I know what that feels like first-hand from my childhood. And having accomplished what I have as the Food Bank’s President and CEO for the past 23 years, I always remember that I owe everything to two people: my mother and father.

Two mothers with their children in line at a Food Bank network food pantry.
Even having grown up in a family that definitely counted among our city’s working poor, I still find it difficult to imagine what struggling to keep food on the table for your children really feels like.

With Mother’s Day just days away, I always take some time aside to think about everything my mother, who combined her garment factory income with my father’s earnings as a cook’s helper, did to support my sisters and me. While I take great pride in the fact that my work at the Food Bank helps reach families like my own, it saddens me to know that women and children are two of the most at-risk groups in our city.

In fact, two-thirds of the people who visit food pantries in our city are women, and close to half of all households with children experience difficulty affording food. Knowing how many low-income families already find themselves on lines at soup kitchens and food pantries, it is all the more shocking to know that almost one out of every five women in our city would not be able to afford needed food immediately after losing their household income.

I never could have become what I am today without the love and support my mom gave me — not to mention those home cooked meals! My mother is no longer here for me to thank in person, but I like to think that my work honors her and all of the other mothers in New York City who work hard to provide for their families.



Lucy Cabrera
President and CEO

If you can, we hope that you will consider making a donation to support all of the women who struggle to afford food in our city. A great way to do this right now is to make a gift in honor of your mother — sending her one of our new Mother’s Day eCards. Thank you!

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